Brandy Brindis, by Julio Juste (1987) was one of the first commissions for our artistic silkscreen printing and editing atelier.

Julio Juste and Valentín Albardíaz had become acquainted with our work thanks to a silkscreen print shown in an exhibition at the Palace Gallery; soon a good relationship arose which led us, on our own initiative, to propose the edition of a series with four small-format silkscreen prints by artists from Granada or working in the city: along with Julio and Valentín, there were Eva María Herbold and Luis Costillo

This series was important for us because it made us known: it made it known that there was a silkscreen printing atelier nearby, in Granada, with a commitment to quality and contemporary art.

This first relationship soon led to a commission from Julio Juste, Brandy Brindis, an unusual commission, a 5-colour silkscreen with a collage of added elements such as sealing wax and playing cards.

We were very happy with the result and 35 years later, it still maintains its strength and energy.

Julio Juste, 1987