This year our workshop has been one of the grantees “For the modernisation and innovation of cultural and creative industries” chosen by the spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports in its 2021 call. Among the objectives of these grants are to promote the creation and dissemination of cultural offerings, the use of new technologies in the supply of cultural products and services and the support for the consolidation of cultural and creative companies.

Almost 700 projects were submitted to the call for proposals, of which 117 were selected for the grant, including ours for the modernisation of the Silkscreen Printing and Original Graphic Work Publishing Atelier.

Thanks to these Ministry of Culture and Sports “Grants for the modernisation and innovation of the cultural and creative industries” we have renewed part of our computer equipment with a computer and a high-performance scanner, and we have also acquired an emulsifier. This new equipment allows us to speed up part of the processes involved in the creation of a work, while maintaining manual control of all of them in order to continue offering the highest levels of quality.

Among the works produced during the period of validity of this call for entries, we can highlight the two silkscreen prints by Soledad Sevilla “Los días con Pessoa“, in seven and five inks; the latest work with Paco Pomet, “Leviathan“, in five inks; and “Pozo de San Vicente – Linares”, by Antonio Alcaraz, a work which in recent months has won two important prizes: the first Castilla-La Mancha Printmaking Prize and the Ramón Sayans Prize for the best work in the Graphic Work Printing category awarded by FESPA-Spain.

Once again we are grateful for the support of clients and friends; for our part we continue to offer the best of ourselves.