Sergio García Sánchez has created an impressive cover for El País Semanal, Spain’s most widely-circulated Sunday newspaper magazine.  The artist from Granada defines the commission as “one of the most difficult jobs I have ever done”. In addition to the cover, Sergio has also illustrated the title article, “Ukraine: the drama of being Russia’s neighbour”, by Norwegian anthropologist Erika Fatland.

War in Europe, by Sergio Garcia for El País Semanal

Ucrania, by Sergio García

Sergio García Sanchez (born in Guadix, Granada, in 1967) has done work for the New Yorker and the New York Times, and has already done covers for El País Semanal in 2020 and 2021, as well as illustrations for  cover and inside pages in El Pais cultural supplement Babelia.   Working with Sergio is always a pleasure and the result of our collaboration with the artist was the New York artist book, FESPA Golden Award in 2020 in the artistic screen printing category and the FESPA Best on Screen for the best work in all categories.


El Pais Semanal, cover by Sergio Garcia